Roganov Valentin

A magician of higher magic. Hypnotherapist. Sugestologist.

My author’s method – High Ritual Magic.
No rituals and incantations taken from the Internet, only the author’s methods of Highest Ritual Magic developed by me personally or given to me by my teachers.

My specialty:
Defense, Combat and Love Magic

I have extensive experience in combating all kinds of Witchcraft and Black Magic and any of its negative consequences


I remove any spoilage, curse

I remove ANY spoilage, a family curse, a curse made through ANY kinds of magic: cemetery (pogost) magic, magic on the blood, magic Voodoo, Muslim magic, demonology, village witchcraft …

And I will remove any other type of negative influence.

I'll give you a good defense

I will put a reliable mirror protection through the Highest Ritual Magic

All the negativity directed at you will always come back to the client.

Correcting the work of other magicians

Fix any negative consequences of the work of other magicians and sorcerers

All work is completely safe for you and your loved ones and has no side effects

I'll help you when you're being sorcered

Help in a case where you against you constantly conjure – neutralize harmful people and spirits, remove all the negative consequences of their malicious magic, return the negative to the customer

Benefits of working with me

Only author's methods

No rituals and incantations taken from the Internet, only the author's methods of Highest Ritual Magic, developed by me personally, or given to me by my teachers

Return all negativity back to the customer

My author's method allows you to return all the negativity back to the customer or to take it into the ground, and there is no need to do it on the relatives, other people and animals

Is completely safe for you

All work is completely safe for you, your family and friends and has no side effects

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Memo for the client:

Your Faith

The most important rule is your Faith - faith in the magician and his magic must be absolute

If you doubt me or my magic, it is better not to address at all

Applying with lingering doubts will not yield anything good, because by doubting you disrespect both me and the Power behind me

Keep your visit to the sorcerer a secret

One of the basic rules of work is secrecy of treatment - "keep a visit to a sorcerer in secrecy".

It is impossible to tell neither about a magic ritual nor about its goal till obtaining of the final result

About some kinds of magical influences cannot be told to anybody and never.

This rule at all does not cancel "word of mouth"

I can and should be recommended to other people if they really need my help

Work with only one mage

It is obligatory for a client to cooperate only with one magician

If you turned to me for help, you should not apply to someone else in parallel

An old Russian proverb says: "the child has no eye for a seven nieces".

Well, the client of seven magicians will definitely be without something else

Let it be

A very important rule for the client is to let go of the situation after contacting me - this means that you must remove from your mind constant thoughts of the result occurring, stop experiencing emotions about it

It is important to get rid of the constant process of "waiting" for the result.

You just need to go on living and enjoying life as if you have already got what you want

Remember that happiness is not a station, but a way of traveling

Frequently Asked Questions

Please, tell me more about your author's method - High Ritual Magic

The higher ritual magic is very difficult and requires much expense, both material and energetic.

In contrast to village witchcraft or classical magic, I use much more complicated rituals with many ingredients and conditions

The given knowledge I received either from my teachers or through a revelation, i.e. direct contact with the force

I am against the use of methods taken from books or the Internet

I think that you are well aware of the fact that no serious sorcerer would publish their tested methods in the public domain

My author’s method is difficult enough in use, but it provides complete safety both for the client and for his relatives and friends

In addition, with my help, you can almost always defeat the more “simple” harmful magic, which is used by most esotericists

How will turning to magic affect my karma?

It all depends on your intention and nothing else.

If you came to me to punish an innocent man, it will hardly make your karma easier

And if you yourself were attacked through black magic and are looking for protection, then there is no harm in karma

If you have a toothache, then you go to the dentist and solve your problem

And if your problem is caused by magical influence, you come to me

If your intentions are pure, then there is no sin in your treatment, and it does not hurt your karma


This section is devoted to the so-called “lists of charlatans” and all sorts of reviews of magicians

I’ll tell you right away that only incompetent people will believe the reviews of magicians on the Internet.

I think you are well aware that interested people (magicians themselves or their competitors) can place any reviews about themselves or their colleagues

Now there are many companies that offer their services to create good reviews for themselves and bad reviews for competitors

Just type in the phrase “feedback management on the Internet” in Yandex and you will see a huge number of proposals for the formation of any feedback

The same goes for “Quack Lists” – these lists are created by certain groups to smear their competitors

Naturally, no real magician would use such methods.

I have a principled position in this matter and do not place on my website any reviews either about myself or about my colleagues

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Magician, hypnotherapist, suggestor Roganov Valentin

Tradition proven over thousands of years – Powerful magic without side effects.

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